Our Projects

Rotek Eskom

Kriel Powerstation
G.O. unit 5 and 6
High pressure parts
H.P. bypass system and boiler parts

Elinum Construction Kriel Pty (Ltd)

Tutuka and Kriel Powerstation
PWHT on boiler parts, leak off system
and welding QCP’s test pieces

Pegasus Industrial Services CC

Hendrina Powerstation
Pre-heat on H.P. heaters
Welding repairs

ABB Powerhouse Pty (Ltd)

Tutuka Powerstation
Boiler parts and mainstream bypass valves

Sasol Technology Engineering Division

Local PWHT procedure and progress qualification
for reactor coils

Megchem Engineering and Drafting Services Pty (Ltd)

Annubars Sasol 2
Syntholplanttrain 1 to 8 36″ steam line
Degassing for welding PRE and PWHT

L and C Steinmüller Construction Secunda

Sas-reactor project internal and
external coil to coil and coil to nozzle welds.
External headers and piping PWHT

Babcock Africa Construction Pty (Ltd)

Matla and Hendrina Powerstation
High pressure parts
Boiler Parts
H.P. bypass systems

Transfab Engineering Pty (Ltd)

Secunda workshop
Test pieces and P.Q.R and welding test pieces
for Sasol 2 and 3 Secunda P4 and P5 materials

Deutsche Babcok D.B. Thermal

Kriel Powerstation
G.O. on unit 6
H.P. high pressure parts and valves
Majuba Powerstation
All turbine piping steamchest and boiler parts

Fabrication Support Services Pty (Ltd)

Impala Platinum Mines
Oryx Mines
PWHT on BS 5500 pressure vessels
and pipework PWHT


Tutuka Powerstation
Pre-heat and PWHT on H.P. bypass systems
Stellite hard facing P.Q.R and WPS qualifications

JHB Construction CC

Pre-heat and PWHT on thermo-couples on boilers
Pipe inserts on re-heater outlet and
Inlet headers X 20 meterials

Ennerman CC Secunda

Pre-heat components and pipewrok
Knockout pots to melt out plastic


Heat treatment on pipework and boilers
shutdown on Mossgas boilers

Flour Daniels

Angola-Fina Pertolius on refinery
Breakdown makegas
Boilers PetroSA Mosselbay

John Thompson

Kagera Sugarmill Tanzania
Upgrading of boilers

Rossing Uranium

Namibia – heat treatment on shovel booms and castings
Shutdown makegas boilers