Management Expertise

Daniel Johannes Naudé
40 Years Experience
Marketing and Technical Member

Daan founded Rehan Industries in 1990 following a career at Cooperheat of Africa, and has since been very successful in doing work for most of the subcontractors at Sasol 2 & 3. He has a build a great relationship with clients like Eskom, Fraser’s & Charmers, Stein Müller, Fluor, Kentz, Pegasus, DB. Thermal with continued work ongoing on various power stations. He also played a major role in doing the heat treatment on the SAS. Reactors and the qualifying of the Heat treatment procedures on the SAS reactor coils. P1 to P4 Material.

Pieter Andries Naudé
37 Years Experience
Financial and Marketing Member

Piet was a part founder in the company African Heating when it was first established in 1993. He has since been instrumental in the Heat Treatment activity field from Nuclear reactors to Power Generating Plants. He successfully run the Cape Town division for 2 years which was later handed over to one of the other shareholders. Piet and Daan have since joined the two companies, and formed Rehan Industries Africa in March of 2000, and between the two of them have more than 50 years of experience to service Sasol 2 & 3 as well as the neighbouring power stations.